Pensiunea Sequoia Sequoia Pension Sequoia Panzió

Sequoia Pension

The Sequoia Pension in Sacuieu, located 75 km away from Cluj Napoca, near Bologa, awaits you to spend your holidays, vacations and weekends in a natural, tranquil and relaxing ambience. The pension consists of 80 rooms, camping, conference room, sanitary groups, sauna and kitchen. The 7 sections contain in total 35 rooms having their own bathrooms and 45 rooms with bathrooms from the hallway. They offer 230 places for accomodation. We have 80 rooms of different types and capacities. Our guests can also benefit from a 5-person sauna. The conference rooms have capacities of approximately 40, 100 and 160 people. The dining room has a capacity of 230 people. We have several terraces with capacities ranging from 8 people to 60 people.

We also put forward a football field, table tennis, table football, internet, a swimming pool, playground for children, tyrolean, pavilion and several grills for cooking delicious snacks, all so that our guests can have a great time.

Important Tourist Objectives

The Tree of Sequoia

At a distance of 5 km from us, the most imposing tree in the Apuseni Mountains has been living for more than a century at the foot of the Vladeasa Massif. The Sequoia Forest Reservation is located on the "Hill of God", between the village of Sacuieu and the village of Rogojel. Gal Silvestru, a Hungarian baron who studied and collected a variety of trees, planted several rare species in the area, such as the sequoia, the black pine and the linden.

Rachitele Falls (Bride's Veil)

At a distance of 17 km from us, the Rachitele Waterfall, also called the Bride's Veil, is located on the Stanciului Valley, in the Rachitele area in Cluj County. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania. The water here falls from over 30 meters. In the winter, the rocky wall freezes, and is an excellent ice climbing spot for those passionate about this sport. An old legend reminds us that the name of the cascade comes from the fact that a bride has long since fallen from the steep rocks in the area where the waterfall is, and her veil has remained hanging on the rocks. At that place, the wedding guests stopped and began to cry to form the waterfall. In reality, the name could be attributed to the shape of the cascade, which resembles a veil.

The Vladeasa Peak

At a distance of 12 km from us, it is the highest peak in the Vladeasa Massif, reaching the altitude of 1836 m. The summit consists of two peaks, Vladeasa and South Vladeasa, situated at a small distance from each other and at about the same altitude. It offers an all-encompassing view of the Buteasa Peak, Padis and Bihor, the Great Mountain and even the Huedin depression. In December, when the clouds are settled down and the air over them is clean, we have the opportunity to admire the blue ridges of the Retezat Mountains in the distance.

The Fortress of Bologa

At a distance of 9 km from us, the fortress is located in Bologa, Cluj county. An ancient Roman castrum called Resculum is the oldest settlement in the area specified in any preserved document. It was erected at around 106 AD as the garrison of Cohort II "Hispanorum," whose mission was probably to defend the border of the Roman Empire. As the Romans tried to consolidate the borders in the 2nd century BC, Greek colonists from the Patras area were brought in. The ruins of the cast are visible today in a place called Gradiste, although most of the area has been repurposed as agricultural land. Near the castle there can be seen the ruins of a Roman bath.